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Easter Trading Hours

The Extraordinary Joe Team will be taking a break over the Easter long weekend. Please see below for our trading hours over this time:

Friday, March 25th - Closed

Saturday, March 26th - Closed

Sunday, March 27th - Closed

Monday, March 28th - Closed

Tuesday, March 29th - Open 

We wish all of our customers a Happy Easter and hope this time is filled with family, love and plenty of chocolate! 

Why We Use Non-Homogenised Milk

On the surface we use non-homogenised milk because it is less processed, making our coffee’s creamier and tastier! There is actually a lot happening in a simple glass of milk (or cup of coffee) that makes it a great option.

Homogenised milk is processed to break down and then redistribute the cream into particles that stay suspended in the milk. Your body will struggle to digest the cream particles in their unnatural state. The fat still in the cream is absorbed by your stomach lining, finding its way to your blood stream. We all know that fat in our arteries is a big problem!

On the flip side, non-homogenised milk hasn’t been through this process. The cream can be found in a delicious, thick, naturally creamy layer on the top of the milk. Your body will be able to digest this cream and use the fat contained in it for the energy and nutrients that your body needs.   The nutrients come from a protective membrane around the droplets of fat, which are broken through homogenization.

In a dairy, the nutrients are transferred to the calf for which they are intended. However, in a café, you get to reap the benefits of non-homogenised milk, whether it be by the glass or in an Extraordinary Joe coffee.